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Intellectual Property and Licensing Attorney

David Meyer Law represents content owners and providers in several areas, including:

• Branded entertainment
• Intellectual property rights
• Licensing and merchandising
• Music
• Publishing

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property rights may be one of an organizations most valuable asset.   David Meyer Law assists companies to protect their intellectual property rights and exploit their commercial potential.

David Meyer Law advises on laws governing trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, false advertising, unfair competition, counterfeiting, and all matters involving intellectual property. The firm advises on issues related to the Internet, e-mail and document and data retention policies, employee retention and departures.

Buying, Selling, and Licensing Intellectual Property

David Meyer Law has outstanding problem solving skills and extensive experience in all aspects of business negotiations to matters involving intellectual property. The firm excels in negotiating and structuring licensing, technology transfer agreements, and joint ventures in which technology owned or to be developed by the participants is an important element of the transaction.

David Meyer Law has represented clients in licensing transactions in professional sports, including NASCAR, Major League Baseball, Professional Bull Riders Association and many other professional sports and entertainment properties.

David Meyer Law has negotiated with companies such as eBay and Yahoo in software licensing and database sharing agreements.

Trademarks, Service Marks, Trade Names and Trade Dress

David Meyer Law advises organizations on registration and protection for service marks, trade names or trade dress. The firm advises of the methods to protect words, designs, phrases, logos and other commercial symbols used to identify products, services, or their producers.

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