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Strategic Planning

Unfortunately, many more new businesses fail than need be, and many of them fail because of poor planning at the very beginning of the business. To ensure your company’s success (and you remain a long-term client!) we provide business planning services, information, resources, and consulting that will help you through each stage of the business lifecycle.

We strive to make Start-Ups a Success – Careful Planning is Fundamental to Your Success

  • New Venture Resources

  • Startup Coaching


Recruit and manage your partners, investors, board members and employees.

Your partners, investors, board members and employees can be your biggest allies if you can recruit and manage them correctly. We help you make the most of your equity by developing deal structures that entice new partners, investors, board members and employees while protecting the long-term interests of the founders.

To help develop the right team, David Meyer Law specializes in:

  • Equity Structures

  • Employment Contracts

  • Creation and management of a board of directors

  • Buy/Sell Agreements

  • Investor Relations

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