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Are you getting ready to purchase a home

for more than $750,000?


If you have spent time and energy searching for your new home without a real estate agent, let me and my amazing team help you purchase your new house using me as an attorney instead of a buyer’s agent.

Many people spend so much time and effort searching online for their next home. After many visits, they find the right home. Now what?

Most people hire a real estate buyer’s agent to help them work through the purchase process. I will show you how using me – a California attorney with over 25 years of experience, can save you money and protect your interests through the escrow and closing process.

I recently saved a client over $20,000 on their purchase price by using me – instead of a buyer’s real estate agent.
I will charge a flat fee or 1-1.5% of the Purchase Price.  The fees are generally 1/2 of what a buyer’s agent would charge. Use the rest to reduce the purchase price or put it in your pocket.

You get pre-approved with your lender of choice.

Our team handles – Offer, Inspection, Title Review and other matters to get the purchase closed in a timely manner.

Contact me for details and a quote and see how I can work with and for you to save you money on your next home.

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